Drilling Pipe



    is one of our main products. With rich experience unique technology, high quality raw materials(TPCO), advanced

    equipment and perfect quality management, GEPEC has been providing its customers with first-class products and

    satisfactory post-sale service. Drill Pipe is made from premium alloy steel in accordance to API Spec. 5DP, GOST and

    NS-1. API Drill Pipe, High Torque Drill Pipe, High Grade Drill Pipe, Sour-Service Drill Pipe and all other types of drill

    pipe are available from 2" through 7-5/8". GEPEC has its own double shoulder connections and other premium

    connections(GE-UT), and are offering cold work on threads roots, copper plate or phosphalization for clients' option.

    Hardbanding and Internal Coating can be provided on customer's request.

2. GEPEC's high-performance products

   (A).Sour-Service Drill Pipe: GEPEC's unique heat treatment technique modifies microcrystalline structure of the

         materials, which contributes to improve the performance of H2S corrosion resistance. With unique configuration,

         GEPEC's drill pipe tool joints can both improve the stress distribution and gain a higher torsional strength.

   (B). PAC, AOH, H90, etc.

   (C). High Torque Drill Pipe: GEPEC's proprietary intellectual property, including DSHT Series, PMDS Series and UT


   (D).High Grade Drill Pipe: Grade Z140, V150.

    Product feature

1. Sour-Service Drill Pipe (H2S)

    GEPEC's Sour-Service Drill Pipe and Sour-Service Drill Collar meet and exceed the requirements of "NACE 0177


    Special Features:

    1.1 Strict control over the S and P content (S+P <0.03%)

    1.2 Increase of the Cr, Mo content, unique heat treatment process, grain refinement (The grain size exceeds grade-8

          standards in ASTM Standard)

    1.3 Compound with double shoulder high torque connection (PMDS, UT).

    1.4 Strict control over the intensity, rigidity and other indexes.

2. PAC Drill Pipe PAC (Pacific Asia Connection)

    is a premium connection in API standard and has been mainly used in Asian-Pacific region. PAC has shorter thread

    teeth and longer connection. Tool joint with PAC connection has smaller O.D., in this way, PAC drill pipe has

    significant advantage on drilling and fishing in slim wells.

3. PMDS Drill Pipe PMDS Drill Pipe

    is a GEPEC self-developed double shoulder high torque drill pipe. It has been applied in CNPC、SINOPEC、CNOOC

    and other oilfields of China with outstanding performance. PMDS has won praise and got widely promoted.

4. GE-UT Drill Pipe GE-UT Drill Pipe

    is GEPEC's newly self-developed ultra-high torque drill pipe.

    Special Features:

    4.1 Make-up torque is 80% to 100% higher than API standard connections.

    4.2 High torsional strength

    4.3 Smaller outer diameter and a larger inner diameter.

Technical parameters
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