Marketing & Service

After sales service


Were committed to building up a global service network to provide a better service for our customers.

GEPEC has more than 10-year experience in after-sale service. With service centers and spare parts warehouses established in USA, AZERBAIJAN, Algeria, Saudi Arabia,, and cooperating with international logistics companies, we can guarantee a rapid supply of spare parts, a quick arrival of service personnel and a fast implementation of service work.

Wherever you are, we will provide the best service for you in the fastest way.

A large-scale spare parts supply center and an exclusive customs quick-clearance station have been established within the head office in China. Needed parts can be carried to the site in the fastest way with the combination of the fast and professional international logistics and the network of the spare parts warehouses established in most of countries and regions which mainly cover most oilfields in the world.

Great oilfield consumables supplying capability. Oilfield consumables of high quality and low price will be provided from sub-manufacturers or sub-suppliers in China, to try to meet customers demand for consumables supplying and cost control.