• Drilling Collar
  • Drilling Collar
  • Drilling Collar
GEPEC provides a full range of slick and spiral drill collars in AISI 4145H-modified steel, sour service steel (and ), non-magnetic alloys.
    Product feature

Drill collars are available with the following features:

1. Normal Size from 2-7/8” to 11”; All steel bars must be full length heat treatment.

2. Mechanical properties guaranteed to 1.5” below surface at ambient temperature; Enhanced fatigue resistance (threads cold-rolled, pin-relief groove and box bore back); Phos-coated to prevent galling; and Hardbanding is available upon request.

3. The upper radius of the elevator recess is cold-rolled to increase product life. Slip and elevator recesses can be used together or separately. Special drill pipe elevator designs can be supplied for automated handling operations to decrease non-productive time.

Technical parameters

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