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Square Kelly and Hexagonal Kelly Transit the torsional energy from the rotary table to the bit in the bottom of the hole and bear the hanging load weight.
    Product feature

1) Materials: 4145H modified alloy steel

2) Standard: API Spec. 7-1, GOST and NS-1.

3) Hardness range: 285 to 341 BHN

4) Manufacturing: Min. impact value of 54 Joules as per ASTM A 370 Charpy-V, these values are guaranteed one inch

    below the surface.

5) Quenched and tempered along full length.

6) Kelly bars: Inspected by an ultrasonic unit over their full length and full section.

7) The wall Thickness of each flat of the drive section is verified ultrasonically.

8) Connections: fitted with pressed steel thread protectors on both ends

9) Shipping: with steel scabbard for marine transportation.

Technical parameters

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