• Casing Spools

1) Size:11" ~ 13 5/8"

2) Pressure:3,000 ~ 15,000 psi

3) Temp:-29°C ~ 121°C

4) PSL:PSL1 ~ 4

5) PR:PR1 ~ 2

6) Trim:AA ~ FF

    Product feature

1) Versatile straight bore that accepts a wide variety of slip and mandrel type casing hangers.

2) Bore design is the same as the TDL and TDH casing head, customers could choose according to their own

    requirements. 3) TZ casing head has a 45°shoulder, so as to carrying the weight of casing; annulus outlet with VR

    thread; the bottom is prepped BT type seal. We can offer alternate "P", "PP" sealed "O-O", "PE", "4-O" seal and metal

    to metal seal according to user's requirements.

4) One BT Seal is used for service 5,000 psi or less.

5) Dual BT Seal is used for service 10,000 psi and above.

Technical parameters

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